Interested in Joining Us as a Distributor?

And Here's How:

 1)   Go to
 2)  Click on Distributor as shown below:
Click on Distributor
 3)  Choose your country of residence and enter Upline User ID as 180554 as shown below:
Enter Sponsor ID
Other Upline User IDs that you can use include:
    a) 318746
    b) 180554
    c) 173025
    d) 172110

 4) Choose your desired package as shown below:
 5) Select No for additional products and click "Next>>" 
 6) Select "Skip this step" and click "Next>>"
 7) You may wish to provide your bank account information so that commissions are banked into your account automatically
 8) Continue with providing the necessary information
 9) Congratulations! You are officially a Rain Distributor now!! 

Feel free to email us or contact us if you need any assistance on which package to get. (^o^)

Do Note that Rain offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee! So if You are not pleased with the Product, You may check out Rain's Refund Policy.