How to Drink SOUL?

How To Take SOUL

  • Keep SOUL chilled in the fridge (Optional, Depends on whether you prefer it chilled or not)
  • Best to consume on empty stomach
  • Drink in the morning, before ingesting food; wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking for complete efficacy. However, if you have gastric problems, you may take SOUL after food
  • At night drink an hour before bed
  • Shake well in order to mix up the rested seeds in the packet & squeeze packet to disperse the settled seeds, rip off the top & drink!
  • SOUL can be used topically as well; it is completely transdermal. You can keep "empty" packets in the fridge until you wish to apply topically; then cut along the sides of the packet and be amazed at how much product is still inside! You may apply to painful/inflamed joints, rashes, or use as a facial scrub or mask. It is non-staining and absorbs very quickly... and if you can tolerate little seeds on your skin, you will be amazed at how well it works topically, as well as internally!
  • Some people with severe health issues drink 2-4 packs daily, approximately every 6 hours; there are no side effects or adverse reactions ~ safe to use with all medications
  • If you are a diabetic, please test your blood sugar frequently, as the D-Ribose has proven that it will reverse type II diabetes
  • Due to the Chardonnay grape seeds, it is not advisable to give your dog SOUL
  • Some people may not like the taste of SOUL, you may mix SOUL with a little fruit juice or water for better taste. However, do not add too much, otherwise the effects of SOUL may be diluted, reducing its strength
  • It is also better to have gaps before and after drinking SOUL so as to let SOUL work at its optimum
  • Individual with digestion and inflammation issues, best to consume after meal
  • For insomnia cases, it is advisable to consume it during the day. Consume at night only when you are used to it.
  • SOUL can be applied to:
    • Painful or inflamed joints or areas where you are experiencing pain
    • Rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions
    • Use as Facial scrub or mask
    • Put on your wrinkles, age spots, dark spots or any skin conditions

How Many To Take?

  • 1 Sachet a day for Health Maintenance and healthy adults
  • 2-3 Sachets a day for Health Improvement or for people with specific ailments
  • 4 Sachets a day for Health Recovery
  • 4+ Sachets a day for Major Illnesses
  • People with Severe Health Issues Could Drink 2-6 packs or more daily
  • For those in Pain, take approximately every 6 hours
  • Your Body will help you to adjust how many packets you should drink daily, so please pay close attention to it
  • SOUL is best taken before food on an empty stomach and waiting 30-60 mins before eating or drinking (even water) so that our body can digest and absorb SOUL optimizing its benefits, however, SOUL is to be taken after food for people with gastric pains. Low Blood Sugar or Pregnant ladies (Max. 1 Sachet a day) 
  • For patients undergoing Chemotherapy, please take SOUL before your Chemo Sessions and do not take during Chemo and 1 week after Chemo
  • For those who are diabetic, a frequent blood sugar test is required, as the D-Ribose present in Soul is proven to reverse Type-II diabetes.
Things to Take Note
  1. Before consuming SOUL, shake well in order to mix up the rested seeds in the packets
  2. SOUL uses natural ingredients without preservatives, so it is advisable to consume it fully upon opening
  3. It is recommended that you store our product at a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and area with high humidity
  4. In order for your body to store more good fat contained in our product, reduce oily fat intake
  5. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day
  6. Regulate your bowel movements normally, get enough sleep as well as exercise regularly
  7. Increase water intake and fruits if flatulence occurs regularly
  8. People who suffer from serious illnesses should continue taking medications prescribed by the doctor. Do not assume our product is a replacement for medication and stop your prescription. During the healing process, there may be symptoms due to healing reaction. Do not hesitate to consult us should you require further clarification.